Field Trip / Fieldwork Guidelines

Program guidelines

Graduate: Guidelines for graduate programs (revised January 26, 2015)

Guidelines for the Selection of Most Outstanding Undergraduate and Graduate Students (revised March 28, 2016)

Thesis guidelines


CS guidelines for thesis title page format

Approved-IB-Undergraduate-Thesis-Guidelines (as of 4 September 2017)

Thesis Forms

Guidelines for the Selection of the Best Undergraduate Theses (revised 28 March 2016)


Thesis Proposal Defense.

Step 1. Student must submit the following to the admin office

a. Cover letter with the thesis title, date of proposal defense, and name of adviser (inluding co-adviser, who must be outside of IB) addressed to the IB Director

b. One (1) page capsule proposal

Step 2. The admin office will have the graduate committee approve the student’s thesis title, adviser (including co-adviser), and capsule thesis proposal. Graduate committee will also recommend a thesis reader. (This may take ~2-3 days)

Step 3. The student must submit a full thesis proposal to the reader at least two (2) weeks before the proposal defense.

Step 4. The student will defend his/her thesis proposal. (The adviser will submit a certificate to the admin office that the student has sucessfully defending his/her thesis)

Step 5. The student will submit a revised thesis proposal to the admin office.

CS guidelines for thesis title page format

Guidelines for the Selection of the Best Graduate Theses (revised 28 March 2016)







Field trip/ Fieldwork Permit (including for thesis)

Student Waiver for Field trip / Fieldwork

Use Permits for Facility / Room

Request Slip (Faculty, Students, REPs and Admin), Authorization Pass (For Faculty) and Gate Pass



Graduate Students are advised to take the civil service exam if they are planning to apply for university research assistant positions. [Note that some students may be exempted from taking the civil service exam].



Student Organizations

Most Outstanding IB Student Organization


Nomination Form




GSIS Group Personal Accident Insurance Plan