Erika Marie A. Bascos
Instructor 7
Plant Developmental Biology
Sonia D. Jacinto, Ph.D.
Professor 9, UP Scientist I
Ph.D. Biology
Cell Biology, Animal Developmental Biology, and Anticancer Natural Products
Regina Joyce E. Ferrer, B.Sc.
Instructor 1
Developmental Biology
Ahmad Reza F. Mazahery
Ph.D. Life Sciences


Jonathan A. Anticamara, Ph.D.
Associate Professor 2
Ph.D. Resource Management and Environmental Studies
Conservation and Restoration Ecology
Gizelle A. Batomalaque, M.S.
Instructor 7
Carmela P. Española, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor 6
Ph.D. Conservation Ecology
Conservation Ecology; Wildlife Biology; Ornithology; Avian Frugivore Ecology
Lillian Jennifer V. Rodriguez, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor 5
Ph.D. Evolutionary and Biodiversity Science
Plant ecology, Plant-insect interactions, Philippine fig-wasp systems
Francis S. Magbanua, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor 7
Ph.D. Zoology
Freshwater Ecology
Perry S. Ong, Ph.D.
Professor 11, UP Scientist III
Ph.D. Behavioral Ecology
Wildlife Biology, Biodiversity Conservation, and Behavior Ecology
Lawrence R. Heaney, Ph.D.
Adjunct Faculty
Ph.D. Systematics and Ecology
Biogeography, Mammalian Taxonomy and Systematics
  Ireneo I. Lit, Jr., Ph.D.
Ph.D. Systematic Entomology
Insect Ecology, Taxonomy and Systematics
  Edwino S. Fernando
Ph.D. Botany
Plant Ecology, Taxonomy and Systematics, Faculty in Charge of the Jose Vera Santos Herbarium


Jonas P. Quilang, Ph.D.
Associate Professor 5, UP Scientist II
Ph.D. Biology
Molecular and Population Genetics, Genomics and Fish Biology
Ernelea P. Cao, Ph.D.
Professor 12, UP Scientist I
Ph.D. Biology
Plant Molecular Genetics, Molecular Biology
Ian Kendrich C. Fontanilla, Ph.D.
Associate Professor 5, UP Scientist I
Ph.D. Genetics
Molecular Genetics and Phylogenetics, Malacology
Rey Jessica D. Rey, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor 7
Ph.D. Genetics
Molecular Plant Genetics, in-charge of Molecular Ecology and Systematics Lab
Ambrocio Melvin A. Matias, M.Sc.*
Instructor 7
M.S. Biology
Genetics, Reef connectivity
Brian S. Santos, Ph.D.
Instructor 7
Ph.D. Biology
Adrian U. Luczon, M. Sc.
Instructor 7
M.S. Biology
Molecular phylogenetics and population genetics


Windell L. Rivera, Ph.D.
Professor 6, UP Scientist III
Ph.D. Medical Science
Microbiology and Immunology
Gil M. Penuliar, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor 6
Ph.D. Medical Science
Systems Microbiology
Joyce A. Ibana, Ph.D.
Associate Professor 3
Ph.D. Microbiology and Immunology
Reproductive Immunology, Host-Pathogen Interactions, Drug Discovery
Pierangeli G. Vital, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor 6
Ph.D. Biology (Microbiology)
Environmental and Food Microbiology | Phycology
Obusan Marie Christine M. Obusan, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor 5
Ph.D. Environmental Science
Disease Surveillance, Emerging Zoonoses, Microbial Ecology
Ivan Christian V. J. Imperial, M.D.
Instructor 7
Doctor of Medicine
Medical Biology
8740145 Michael C. Velarde, Ph.D.
Associate Professor 5
Ph.D. Physiology and Biophysics

Cell Aging and Cell Cycle Control
Jess Jessica F. Simbahan, Ph.D.
Associate Professor 3
Ph.D. Biological Science
Microbial Ecology, Soil Microbiology, Bioremediation
santos-daisy-may-c Daisy May C. Santos, M.Sc.
Instructor 7
M.S. Biology
Plant Genetics and Molecular Biology
8740145 Alysa G. Estopace
Instructor 1
B.S. Biology, University of the Philippines Diliman, 2015


Elena S. Catap, Ph.D.*
Associate Professor 3
Ph.D. Aquaculture
Aquatic Animal Health, Fish Immunology, and Pathology
Juliana Janet M. Puzon, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor 6
Ph.D. Biology
Plant Physiology
Luis Maria B. Garcia, D.F.Sc.
Associate Professor 7
Ph.D. Fisheries Science
Fish reproduction, Aquaculture
Jay C. Delfin, M.Sc.
Instructor 7
MS Biology
Plant Stress Physiology
Hannah Joy P. Alcantara, M.Sc.
Instructor 7
MS Biology
Plant Physiology, Stress Physiology, Phytoremediation

*Faculty on leave