Ernelea P. Cao, Ph.D.

Professor 12 | Deputy Executive Director, Philippine Genome Center
Genetics Academic Group (GAG) Head
Ph.D. Biology, University of the Philippines Diliman, 1992


Biology 1 (Contemporary Topics in Biology)
Biology 11 (Fundamentals of Biology 1)
Biology 140 (Fundamentals of Genetics)
Biology 150 (Fundamentals of Cell and Molecular Biology)
Biology 196 (Undergraduate Seminar)
Biology 240 (Advanced Genetics)
Microbiology 241 (Advanced Microbial Genetics)
Biology 296 (Graduate Seminar)


The Plant Genetics and Cyanobacterial Biotechnology Laboratory focuses on the use of molecular and morphological markers in plants to study traits of agronomic and taxonomic importance, as well as the use of cyanobacteria for biotechnological applications.


Daisy May C. Santos (Ph.D. Biology student)
Teresita A. Batanes (M.S. Biology student)
Julian Chris F. Galvez (M.S. Biology student)
Angelo Joshua A. Victoria (M.S. Biology student)



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