The tree walk, organized by UPD’s Asian Institute of Tourism, Institute of Biology and Office for Initiatives in Cultures and the Arts, is featured today in the front page of the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

The tree walk is part of the Lakad Gunita Walking Tours in UP Diliman. It immerses the participants in the UP-IB EDC Threatened Species Arboretum to see first hand native and endemic plant species in the Philippines. Some of the most enigmatic ones, like the jade vine, katmon, tangisang bayawak and lipang kalabaw are featured in the article.

Raising consciousness and knowledge of our native flora is one of the main objectives of the tour. As tour guide David Ples says: “People won’t protect what they don’t care about, and they can’t care about what they don’t know. So we make time for them to quite literally stop and smell the flowers.”

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