The Palanan Forest Dynamics Plot is a 16-ha plot that has been extensively monitored for the past 18 years now. This endeavor allows the characterization of long-term dynamics of Philippine tropical rainforests. It also gives us an idea of how forests respond to continuous disturbances, such as strong typhoons. With this long-term data, we have been capable of determining the resilient and resistant tree species and what the ideal habitats of these species are. The Palanan FDP is also part of a huge network of long-term forest plots around the world. This ambitious undertaking gives us the capacity to detect global and regional patterns in forest dynamics.

Principal Investigators:  Dr. Perry Ong , Dr. Edwino S. Fernando , and Dr. Lillian Jennifer V. Rodriguez


You can also access more information about the projects in Palanan on the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) website and the OVPAA website.