The Institute holistically prepares its students to meet the challenges and needs of the society. Learning is not only confined inside the four corners of the classroom; the Institute ensures that students experience an authentic learning experience by having field works in higher Biology courses, as well as giving the students the freedom to conduct their own research and experiments in their thesis work.

Field Trip / Fieldwork Guidelines


Program guidelines

Graduate: Guidelines for graduate programs (revised January 26, 2015)

Guidelines for the Selection of Most Outstanding Undergraduate and Graduate Students (revised March 28, 2016)


Application Process

1. Applicant submits requirements to the Graduate Office
2. CS Graduate Office transmits applications to IB
3. IB Graduate Committee conducts Placement Exam and Interview of Applicants
4. Successful applicants will be informed about acceptance with or without conditions


Registration Process

For MS graduate students, accomplish Program of Study in coordination with the head of the Academic Group during the registration period of the 1st semester of enrollment in the program

For PhD students, accomplish Program of Study in coordination with Program Committee (3 members) during the registration period of the 1st semester of enrollment in the program


Qualifying Examination (For PhD Students only)

Upon completion of course work or within one year after completion of core courses in his/her Program of Study, student may schedule for qualifying examination (3 areas)

Students may request for exemption if qualified (PhD Students by Research are already exempted)

If student fails in one or more areas of the qualifying exam, student may retake within one academic year

Candidacy Examination (For PhD Students only)

Upon passing all areas of the qualifying examination, student may schedule for candidacy examination (5 areas)

Thesis guidelines

Thesis/Dissertation Proposal Defense.

Step 1. Upon completion of all course work, the student may enroll in the first 3 units of the M.S. thesis course (Bio 300 – 3 units) OR the first 3 units of the Ph.D. thesis course (Bio 400 – 3 units)

Step 2. Student requests for approval of thesis/dissertation topic and submits the following to the admin office: (a) Cover letter with the thesis title, date of proposal defense, and name of adviser (including co-adviser who is outside of IB, if any) addressed to the IB Director AND (b) one (1) page capsule proposal. The admin office will have the graduate committee approve the student’s thesis/dissertation title, adviser (including co-adviser), and capsule thesis proposal. Graduate committee will also recommend one (1) reader for MS students AND two (2) readers for PhD Students (unless he/she already has a co-adviser). (This may take ~2-3 days)

Step 3. The student submits a full thesis/dissertation proposal (endorsed by the Adviser) to the reader(s) at least two (2) weeks before the date of the proposal defense AND schedules the date for the proposal defense, as endorsed by the Adviser and Reader (with at least one working week to post the announcement)

Step 4. The student defends his/her proposal. (The adviser will submit a certificate to the admin office that the student has successfully defended his/her thesis)

Step 5. The student submits a revised thesis proposal to the admin office, so the adviser can give a grade for the first 3 units of the M.S. thesis course (Bio 300)

Colloquium for PhD Students.

Upon completion of the dissertation proposal defense, the PhD student must schedule a Colloquium and present at least 1 month before the dissertation defense.

Thesis/Dissertation Defense.

Step 1. Upon completion of thesis proposal defense, student may enroll in the last 3 units of the M.S. thesis course (Bio 300 – 3 units) OR the last 3 units of the Ph.D. thesis course (Bio 400 – 3 units = must complete 12 units in total)

Step 2. The student submits a full thesis/dissertation manuscript to the examiners at least one month before scheduled defense

Step 3: Upon submission of manuscript with endorsement from the Adviser and Reader, student requests for appointment of examiners (2) by submitting a letter to the admin office. The admin office will have a referendum circulated to the graduate committee. (This may take about a week)

Step 4. The student must confirm the date of the defense to the admin office at least 2 weeks before the date of the defense. [There must be at least two working weeks posting of announcement]

Step 5. The student will defend his/her thesis/dissertation.

Step 6. The student submits a final thesis/dissertation manuscript and CD copy to IB and CS upon endorsement/signing of the Thesis Adviser and Reader for signature and binding. For PhD Students, students must also submit a copy of one (1) paper (as primary author) derived from Dissertation Research and accepted for publication in a highly reputable journal. For PhD Students by Research, students must also submit two (2) papers, instead.

* PhD (by Research) Students must also give an oral presentation in an international scientific conference within three (3) years of the program or in a national scientific conference within two (2) years of the program

CS guidelines for thesis title page format

Approved-IB-Thesis-Guidelines (as of 4 September 2017)

Guidelines for the Selection of the Best Graduate Theses (revised 28 March 2016)




Field trip/ Fieldwork Permit (including for thesis)

Student Waiver for Field trip / Fieldwork

Use Permits for Facility / Room

Request Slip (Faculty, Students, REPs and Admin), Authorization Pass (For Faculty) and Gate Pass


Graduate Students are advised to take the civil service exam if they are planning to apply for university research assistant positions. [Note that some students may be exempted from taking the civil service exam].



GSIS Group Personal Accident Insurance Plan

Office of the Secretary of the University (OSU) Reference Materials

2012 Student Code of Conduct