Personnel Needed ASAP for a DOST-PCHRD funded project
Development of Repository Facility for Extracts/Compounds for Drug Discovery (duration from

March 1, 2018 to February 28,2019)
Under the program Philippine Biorepository Network
-One Science Research Specialist (SRS) II: graduate student( in Biology/Chemistry or related fields) (monthly salary P36,052.80 )
-One Science Research Specialist (SRS) I: BS degree( in Biology/Chemistry or related fields) (monthly salary P27,908.40)
One Project Development Officer/liaison officer : BS graduate ( P22,892.40)
Detailed Job description for the SRS:
-To help set up the biorepository (bank) for plant extracts/compounds.
-To help craft implementing rules and regulations on:

  • submission, storing and maintenance of samples, access and retrieval of stored extracts
  • operation and maintenance and mechanisms of sharing deposited resources with other biobanks within
  • and outside the country¬†safety of the lab workers within the contained facility including protection from unintended events

-To help serve as curator of deposited extracts following the best practices of international biorepositories e.g. International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER)
-To initiate the depositof extracts with the ff plants in the priority list:

  • DOH recommended including akapulko, bawang, bayabas, lagundi, niyugniyogan, etc.
  • Plants utilized by the herbal industry ( includes balbas pusa, sinta, mangosteen, guyabano, luya,luyang
  • dilaw, malunggay, etc.
  • Plant extracts from the DDHP program and Tuklas Lunas Centers

-To help set up (with Project 5 of the Biorepository program) a tamper proof and secure database of all the plant extracts deposited therein, complete with information specific for the plant.
Contact person: DR.SONIA D.JACINTO (Principal Investigator)

Institute of Biology, UP Diliman

mobile no. 09178383061